White Lotus Chapter 29: Education and Banishment

U-um… apparently Wattpad deleted my account… I hear it’s been doing that for a lot of BL translators… Luckily I keep several backups of my stuff… Worst case, I can just reTL… As always, thanks for the donations!

Lian Hua silently looked at Xia Zhi. Pig Leg’s appearance was very pretty. Regretfully, he only dared to peek in this manner. If Pig Leg were to find out… Lian Hua shivered. It definitely wouldn’t be a good thing. Pig Leg would immediately “take care of” him! T^T No matter how good Pig Leg’s temperament was, even he couldn’t stand it if a person he hated, not to mention his mortal enemy from his previous life, suddenly developed feeling for him!

Lian Hua used all his willpower to retract his gaze and reminded himself ten million times not to expose any details.

Lian Hua surveyed the cave interior, but suddenly Xia Zhi’s pace quickened. Lian Hua hurriedly chased after him.

Lian Hua’s eyes widened and his jaw dropped at the small mountain. There was a huge pile of miscellaneous supplies. Clothes, furniture, cabinets, and even lots of rations. Could it be that the mutant plant had a hobby of collecting things? He guessed that the entire town must have been robbed.

Xia Zhi picked and chose several objects. Lian Hua followed him with wide eyes full of curiosity, especially when Xia Zhi found a chest full of corpse crystals. Lian Hua’s jaw dropped so low that you could shove a boiled egg in! This mutated plant’s hoarding hobbies were way too strange! Finally, Xia Zhi was not being careful and tipped over a cardboard box. Several boxes of condoms spilled out.

Lian Hua: “…” Ha ha, he didn’t know what he should say.

“Let’s rest in here for the day. There’s also no need to go outside to find supplies.” Xia Zhi dusted off his hands, as if he didn’t notice the piles of condoms scattered on the floor.

“Mm.” Lian Hua nodded in a daze.

Xia Zhi turned his head and looked at the surroundings, then waved his hand and all of the things on the floor suddenly disappeared.

Lian Hua: “…” Was this because Pig Leg wanted to preserve his image of a high and lofty person and thus cleaned up the embarrassing scene? Lian Hua silently lowered his head and suddenly felt that Pig Leg was very adorable. In the heat of the moment, Lian Hua felt like he saw sparkling pink bubbles flying around.

Xia Zhi took out a sound transferring talisman, said a few things, and released it outside. The country bumpkin Lian Hua stood beside him and stared with eyes opened wide in surprise.

Xia Zhi noticed that Lian Hua once again displayed a stupid expression on his face. It was so interesting.

“Why aren’t you helping to collect supplies?! What are you standing there stupidly for? Idiot!” Xia Zhi asked angrily.

“Ah, I’m heading over there right now.” Lian Hua enthusiastically ran up to Xia Zhi to give him a helping hand, but in the end, the other person heartlessly rejected him in disgust. T^T Pig Leg, you don’t need to throw me away like that, Lian Hua screamed in his mind, but he still lowered his head and moped as he went to another corner.

Soon, the sound of cars came from the mouth of the cave. Xia Zhi went outside first while Lian Hua stayed inside and looked around. Apart from the logic defying mountain, Lian Hua wanted to see if there was anything nice hidden in this area. After all, he had endured hardship with the main character, picking up good things along the way.

Regrettably, Lian Hua finally confirmed that apart from that mountain of supplies, there wasn’t anything else here. Lian Hua was upset. A cannon fodder obviously wouldn’t be able to pick up a treasure.

“Ah, master, you’re back!” Lian Yu’s voice finally piped up, and it was even somewhat ecstatic, almost as if it was about to go crazy. Lian Hua almost forgot that he could communicate with Lian Yu now. This time, your owner came back, but he was on the brink of a horrible death, you know?

Lian Hua glanced at the entrance to the cave and stepped outside. Pig Leg had directed everyone to set up a temporary rest stop. Big White’s large figure elegantly stepped closer. Anyone who saw it silently backed away. Although they knew that it was the head honcho’s pet, it still looked scary.

Lian Hua squinted. Lian Yu actually dared to crawl on top of Big White’s head. Wasn’t it scared that Big White was going to eat it before? Its courage inflated again. Big White wore Lian Yu and slowly walked over to Lian Hua. It growled a few times at Lian Hua and Lian Yu immediately dropped into Lian Hua’s arms. Lian Hua held Lian Yu up.

“Since when were you so close to Big White?” Lian Hua asked nosily.

Lian Yu rubbed Lian Hua’s hand, “Big White is really nice! It even took me to play! Master, Big White is nice, you have to like it too.”

Lian Hua: “…” You changed your attitude so fast. What kind of charm potion/drug/medicine did Big White make Lian Yu drink?

“You aren’t scared that Big White will eat you?” Lian Hua decided to intimidate Lian Yu. He had the feeling that Big White was going to kidnap Lian Yu. Was he thinking too much?

“It won’t, it won’t. I gave it some mushrooms, but Big White didn’t eat. It likes to eat meat. Earlier it even caught some mutated beasts and gave me corpse crystals.”

“Unacceptable. In the future, you should stay away from Big White!” Lian Hua was honestly warning from the depths of his heart, “What if one day Big White is in a bad mood and swallows you whole? Where am I supposed to find another Little Yu Yu[1]?”

Big White’s ears twitched. It could probably hear Lian Hua speak nonsense about it and immediately snorted at Lian Hua, spitting out a bolt of lightning. Was it warning him? Lian Hua didn’t bother to look at Big White. He turned around and looked for a corner, then started nagging and lecturing Lian Yu. He hoped that Lian Yu wouldn’t be lured away. In the future, he had to pay more attention to the problem of educating Lian Yu. Lian Yu was just like a little kid, what would he do if it got scammed?

Lian Hua constantly used words to assault Lian Yu, making each and every one of its cells want to ooze water, “Master, my precious master, people already know. In the future, no talking to stranger people, no going with stranger people, no eating things that stranger people give out… You don’t need to recite anymore mantras. This mushroom is about to pass out.” Lian Yu pitifully called out sheepishly.

Lian Hua nodded in satisfaction, “It’s fine as long as you remember this well. Your master won’t hurt you. Look at how different you and Big White are. Your statures and physiques differ. Most importantly, your species are different. There will be no future for you two.” Lian Hua completely turned Lian Yu into his daughter and lectured it. As for why the hell it wasn’t a son, well Lian Hua didn’t actually know Lian Yu’s gender. -_-///

“I got it!” Lian Yu squeezed into Lian Hua’s pocket to rest. Ho ho, Master told him not to come into contact with strange people. Big White wasn’t a person. Furthermore, he wasn’t a stranger! Tomorrow, it would go look for Big White to play.

If Lian Hua knew what Lian Yu was thinking, he would definitely spit out a mouthful of blood. All of his efforts lecturing for half a day were useless. Afterwards, when Lian Yu was “kidnapped” by Big White, it really did cause him intolerable pain. Unfortunately, at this moment, Lian Hua was in high spirits because he thought that he had successfully educated Lian Yu. Lian Yu was unaware that its precious master almost died a horrible death today. It was also unaware that its master wholeheartedly worried about it. It heartlessly fell asleep and snored lightly.

After he finished teaching Lian Yu, Lian Hua looked at his surroundings in search of Xia Zhi. Xia Zhi was talking to those underlings of his when Lian Hua zoomed in on him and stared stupidly. Siiighh, why was Pig Leg so beautiful? His eyelashes were so long, those eyes were so dark, that face was so soft and pale, the lips as thin as peach blossom petals. When he spoke, they would part and then come back together. He really wanted to bite them. He really wanted to bring him… bring him to do what? Lian Hua blanked out.

Xia Zhi felt Lian Hua’s gaze. Lian Hua was busy thinking in a daze, so he didn’t realize that Pig Leg was looking at him.

This idiot looked so silly. Xia Zhi felt like he had a new source of fun.

“Alright, let’s just do that for now!” Xia Zhi said.

“Understood, boss.” Xia Xingwen added one more sentence, “Boss, are we going to allow Mr. Bai to follow us?”

Xia Zhi’s facial expression grew dark, “Didn’t they find enough supplies today? Tell them to piss off!” As soon as he finished talking, Xia Zhi calmly turned and walked off.

“Alright, I’ll go inform Mr. Bai.” Xia Xingwen spoke to Xia Zhi’s shadow.

“Hey, blockhead.” Xia Xingwen used a hand to push Xia Xingwu, “Don’t you think that the boss seems to be in a pretty good mood today? Regrettably, as soon as Bai Yi was mentioned, his mood immediately sank.” Xia Xingwen’s face was only missing the two words “Team Nosy”.

“Mm…” Xia Xingwu spit out a single syllable.

“Hey, I’m talking to you. Don’t give me simple replies like ‘mm’, or ‘huh’.” Xia Xingwen lost interest.

“Don’t butt into the boss’ personal affairs. Just pay attention to your own.” After speaking, Xia Xingwu even slapped Xia Xingwen’s ass a few times.

Xia Xingwen’s cheeks immediately flushed crimson, “Pervert[2]!” He waved his hand and threw a ball of earth right into Xia Xingwu’s face, covering it with dirt. Xia Xingwen turned and left. After all, he still needed to talk to Bai Yi.

Xia Xingwu wiped the dirt off his face and looked in the direction of Xia Xingwen’s shadow with a tolerating smile.

“Greetings, Mr. Bai.” Xia Xingwen seriously faced off against Bai Yi. When he had to deal with outsiders and opponents, he always appeared to have the elite countenance of a professional secretary. In public, he was Xia Zhi’s right hand general. Under no circumstances could he allow the boss to lose face.

“Secretary Xia.” Bai Yi nodded at Xia Xingwen, “I appreciate Little Zhi’s help. I hope that you can convey my words of gratitude to Little Zhi. It seems like he doesn’t want to meet me.” Bai Yi seemed to have the attitude of a man who was generously tolerating his girlfriend, full of reluctance and pampering.

Xia Xingwen secretly looked at Bai Yi with disgust, but his expression was still stern as he said, “There is no need to feel gratitude towards my boss. Helping you people was effortless. However, Mr. Bai, your group should have found enough supplies by now. Thus, there is no need for you to postpone your journey by travelling with us. Our boss intends to continue onward at a slow and steady pace. If you all are impatient, then there is no need for you to wait for us.” He meant, “You already have the supplies, so piss off. Don’t try to leech off of us any more.”

Bai Yi didn’t seem to understand Xia Xingwen’s intention, “No need to worry, we are not in a hurry either. We can continue leisurely. If Little Zhi wants to slow his pace, I will definitely go with him.” You’re joking! His troops were devastated. They didn’t have very much fighting power left. How could they let go of Xia Zhi, who had a group of powerhouses as well as a rare double water and wood esper? Bai Yi was still confident that as long as he desired it, Bai Lianhua would meekly return to his side. However, he had no idea that this little cousin of his had switched out his insides.

The corner of Xia Xingwen’s mouth twitched, and he was on the verge of swearing. He didn’t expect that Bai Yi’s skin would be so thick that it could almost destroy his perfect secretary mask. He adjusted his glasses and increased the severity of his tone, “In that case, let me tell you something honestly, Mr. Bai. My boss doesn’t want to see your face. If you have enough supplies, please leave our group. Our group does not welcome you.” Xia Xingwen didn’t give Bai Yi an ounce of respect.

Bai Yi could no longer keep up his composed smile. He displayed a lost look, as if his girlfriend had chased him out of the house. He was no different from a man who had been dumped.

“Hey, your boss is too harsh! How could he say that to Brother Bai? Brother Bai is a good person.” Jiang Siya, who was previously part of the scenery, started to get into her role. Her eyes filled with tears as she stood up for the helpless Bai Yi.

Xia Xingwen expressionlessly glanced at her, then turned his head and looked at Bai Yi again.

“Hey! How could you be like that?! You… Mm mph!” Jiang Siya still wanted to talk, but An Ziqi tightly covered her mouth, “Siya, Boss Bai is taking care of business. Let’s not interrupt.” An Ziqi reassured her in a pacifying way.

“Hmph!” Jiang Siya broke free from An Ziqi’s arm. She stood behind Bai Yi to show her support. An Ziqi could only shake his head.

Xia Xingwen watch at this display speechlessly. He heard that this girl was the older sister of the Jiang Siyu who was in their support team, but why was there such a big difference? Although Jiang Siyu also targeted the boss, she was still rational and followed the rules! He couldn’t possibly understand women.

Xia Xingwen was speechless inside, “Mr. Bai, I have finished saying what I needed. Do as you like. I hope that you can understand my boss’s meaning. I’m leaving first.” Xia Xingwen turned and left.

After Xia Xingwen left, Bai Yi’s face was dark, “Xia Zhi! Xia Zhi!” Bai Yi grit his teeth and repeated the name over and over again as he crushed the cuff link on his sleeve.


Translator’s Notes:

[1]I’m actually… gonna go back and change all the nicknames when I’m not editing, but I’m going to change “Xiao” to “Little”. I’m pretty sure when anyone has that moniker, it’s intended to sound… childish or belittling. Whydoesthissoundlikeaeuphemismthough.

[2]I’m never really sure how to translate this word. It’s asshole, bandit, vagrant, rouge, thief, and pervert all rolled up in one.

…I actually didn’t know the word for condom back when I was reading this the first time. I wondered why Lian Hua had a problem with “plastic bags”. Everything makes so much sense now. And I’m totally convinced Xia Zhi was just collecting/saving those condoms for later. //bricked

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