White Lotus Chapter 28: Escape and Acceptance

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“Although your mimicry is very convincing, you aren’t Pig Leg! Brother Zhi doesn’t call me Lian Hua!” Lian Hua picked up a thorny branch and pointed it at “Xia Zhi” while retreating several steps to a safe distance. Although this Pig Leg treated him gently, Lian Hua felt that it didn’t suit him. Furthermore, Pig Leg’s “gentleness” made him break out in goosebumps. Lian Hua shivered and retreated further.

“Talk. Where is Brother Zhi?” Lian Hua arrogantly demanded. When his father, mother, and younger brother who should have been dead showed up in front of him, although Lian Hua was very happy, he understood that he had lost his entire family a long time ago. Lian Hua had personally arranged their wake and funeral. How could he immerse himself in such a false setting? When his family members appeared, he could only pretend to be mesmerized. He only intended to find some information through this faker.  How could anyone know that this faker would use Pig Leg’s outer shell to tempt him? 〒_〒 He was almost seduced by beauty. Luckily your brother’s mind was determined.

Lian Hua felt that he was very bad ass. In order to understand this bizarre area, he let himself be captured.

“Haha… Lian Hua, what are you talking about? Am I not your Xia Zhi?” “Xia Zhi” kept up his gentle pampering. He even wanted to get closer and stroke Lian Hua’s head!

Lian Hua didn’t dare to allow a suspicious foreign body to get close. Step by step, he headed outside.

“Lian Hua, that is disobedience!” “Xia Zhi”‘s face finally darkened.

“You, you mimic, back away from me!” Lian Hua shouted and brandished the thorny branch as if swinging a large sword. He sword was carried off by the faker. In order not to be exposed, he endured it, but now he didn’t know where this faker put his sword.

“Big brother! Do you have to go? Don’t leave me behind, big brother…” The brat suddenly appeared below Lian Hua’s legs and grabbed on to his thighs.

Lian Hua only felt a bout of coldness transfer up from his leg. He shook his leg hard, but the brat was like a growth on his thigh. No matter what, he could not shake it off.

“Xiao Hua, where do you intend to go? Do you have to leave your mother and father?” That woman was also standing in front of Lian Hua. Lian Hua kept watch over the faker while preventing his “family” from interrupting. At that moment, he felt unspeakable pain.

“Lian Hua, why? Can’t we be friends here?” “Xia Zhi” finally couldn’t wear a gentle smile any more. His expression was very odd. There were conflicting expressions of expectancy, as well as hatred. Lian Hua wasn’t in the mood to play charades with this guy! He immediately waved his hand and threw out a wall of water to separate him from his “family”. He thew another “spiral” whirlpool at “Xia Zhi” and took advantage of the water pressure to surprise attack “Xia Zhi”, who couldn’t react in time and was knocked to the ground. After that, he ran outside.

Lian Hua didn’t have a weapon in his hand, and the water and wood type abilities did not have high attack power. How could he kill monsters? He really wanted to cry. Your brother’s not in an advantageous situation! Pig Leg, where did you run off to?

“Even you want to run?” “Xia Zhi”‘s face twisted and the beauty’s skin slowly cracked, revealing a black cloud. While running away, Lian Hua caught a glimpse of it and almost pissed his pants out of fear. Fuck! Your brother was holding that small hand[1], and almost kissed that little mouth! Lian Hua brought his legs up to his neck and ran even faster than before!

The outer shells of Lian Hua’s “family” also cracked. They were no longer humans, but like roots covered in dirt. The small house also turned into a pile of rotten logs that couldn’t withstand a few breezes. The “chicken legs” turned into a kind of indescribable meat, rotten and full of maggots. Fortunately, Lian Hua didn’t notice it. If he saw it, he would probably vomit green and gold. Luckily, he was smart and didn’t touch the food there.

White Lotus Chapter 28

Lian Hua ran far away from that house. The sounds of miserable screaming and crying were transmitted from behind. Lian Hua’s scalp prickled. Was this the illusion from those supernatural novels?

The town was once again blanketed in a white mist. Lian Hua couldn’t tell the cardinal directions apart, so he followed his intuition and ran in a random direction. As he ran, he called out for Xia Zhi and tried to get into contact with Lian Yu. Regretfully, neither side responded. No matter how much he called, the heaven’s wouldn’t respond and the earth ignored him. He screamed until he almost lost his soul.

The surface of the earth suddenly shook again. Lian Hua turned around and immediately saw a tree that was at least two stories tall sprout out of the ground. A putrid smell slapped him right in the face, almost making Lian Hua stagger. Lian Hua was discombobulated by the smell. He quickly took out a mint plant and used it to cover his nose. Luckily, when he was searching for seeds, he collected all types.

The cool scent of the mint plant made Lian Hua feel much more comfortable. He seriously observed his surroundings. Oh my god! Corpses crowded around on top of the tree trunk. Some of them only had a white skeleton remaining, others only had half a body, and there were even the corpses of other creatures. It was no different from a mass grave!

Lian Hua rubbed his arms that were covered in goosebumps. He only wanted to find a place to rest, but he immediately ran into a massive man-eating monstrosity! Just how great was his luck?!

Said monstrosity released an earth shattering roar. Several pitch black vines twitched and shot straight at Lian Hua.

Mommy! Lian Hua tripped and accidentally dodged a vine, but several other strands rushed at him. Fortune did not smile upon Lian Hua, and his back was whipped several times. The vines attacked him, almost making him cough up blood. One vine stealthily caught him off guard and wound around his ankle, then proceeded to drag him towards the main body of the tree.

Lian Hua didn’t want to pitifully die such a ridiculous death in a place like this. Pig Leg should be able to see and hear such a large disturbance. If he could hold on until Pig Leg arrived, than he won.

Lian Hua initiated his wood type ability and quickly planted a small tree, which he hugged tightly. After that, he quickly planted several calameae palm plants that affixed him to the ground. First, he needed to slowed down the speed at which he was being dragged. Then, he formed a knife made out of water and sliced at the weak spot of the vine around his ankle. Only after several blows did that thing finally break.

After freeing his body, Lian Hua quickly crawled up. He use water to create a large sword and sliced wildly at the vines that continuously assaulted him. Once again, a torrent of tears slid down Lian Hua’s cheeks. Why the hell didn’t your brother have an attack power like lightning or fire?

Meanwhile, as Lian Hua was jumping around, competing in both wits and bravery with the vines, Xia Zhi was still lost in the dense fog. He guessed that this area was the lair of a a high level mutated beast. If they could find it and vanquish it, then they could leave.

Regretfully, the owner of this territory also knew that Xia Zhi was not someone you could mess with. It only barricaded him in this place and refused to show its appearance. With his current strength, it would take a long time to find the main body.

Just as Xia Zhi was about to break through the barrier, the thick fog suddenly receded. Thunderous yelling and hollering could be heard echoing from far away. Xia Zhi jumped into action. He guessed that something had happened to that idiot Lian Hua and ran towards it in a rush.

When Xia Zhi was able to clearly see what was going on, at that exact moment, Lian Hua was being rolled up by bunch of vines and tied up in an embarrassing position.

Lian Hua cursed its mother in his heart. Dammit, why hadn’t that bastard Pig Leg appeared yet? Your Bro Lian here is almost unable to hang on any more. Great God of Transmigration, did you have to push him to the shore of rebirth before Pig Leg could be allowed to descend from heaven? Too tragic!!!!!!!

Just as Lian Hua felt that he was about to be squeezed to death, a surge of electricity descended from the heavens, cutting the vines that restrained Lian Hua. Lian Hua groaned and fell to the floor, then clutched his throat and coughed dryly. Your brother was almost strangled to death! He rubbed his neck for a bit. It hurt, and there was even a bright red mark. It hurt so much that he wanted to die.

Pig Leg had already started exchanging blows with that tree. He swung his sword as if dancing. Each downward strike of the sword sliced off a vine. He occasionally threw a ball of lightning, or a net of electricity, hitting the tree until the wood splintered into pieces and disgusting smelling liquid splattered everywhere. Lian Hua carefully created a large leaf and wrapped himself in it. He stayed on the sidelines and enjoyed Pig Leg’s tall and handsome appearance. So hot!![2] He didn’t understand how that tree had so many vines. Lian Hua had sliced a whole bunch, but it was still so energetic.

Lian Hua felt that he couldn’t just sit and watch, so he started making a ruckus to the side. A short while later, he shot out multiple knives made of water and commanded the wild grass on the ground to impede the tree’s movement.

The tree was obviously distracted. It was no longer as easygoing as it was when it was teasing Lian Hua earlier. It had lost more than half of its vines, and started to impatiently advance. It attacked Xia Zhi with all of its might, and wounds started to appear on Xia Zhi’s body.

As soon as Lian Hua saw Pig Leg get hurt, he immediately became anxious and his heart felt heavy. As such, he took out several energy mushrooms. Earlier, when he was messing around with the tree, he had long exhausted all of his power. If he didn’t bring energy mushrooms along, he didn’t know how many times he would have died.

Feeling the flow of energy in his body, Lian Hua started to condense an extremely large ball of water. He collected water until the ball was almost as big as the tree and his face was sheet white. Lian Hua struggled to support the sphere of water, collected energy into his core, and yelled, “Brother Zhi! Throw out a ball of lightning!” After speaking, he used all of his energy to throw the ball of water onto the body of the tree. The water collided with the tree, soaking it. Xia Zhi followed up with several strong strikes of lightning. The water conducted the electricity, and a short while later, the tree was shocked so hard that its limbs went numb.

Xia Zhi glanced at Lian Hua and threw out several flame talismans. As soon as the talismans touched the tree, flames immediately began to burn. The tree twisted and flailed as it died, doing its best to stretch out the vines that were charred to a crisp by the fire. However, they were easily taken care of by Xia Zhi.

After confirming that the thing was dead, Lian Hua’s legs turned to jelly and he crashed onto the ground. Today, fighting monsters was way too scary, and he had used up all of his power. Lian Hua felt that his entire body was powerless. He couldn’t move even a single finger.

Xia Zhi glanced over at Lian Hua as if he were mud on the ground, made sure that he was alright, and immediately took his sword and started digging in the tree’s messy remains. He dug left and right, until the tip of his sword hit something hard and a bright green corpse crystal as big as a fist flew out. Lian Hua only looked at it and he started drooling. This was indeed the corpse crystal of a mutated level four plant! Regrettably, he only dared to look. Although he liked it, this was the protagonist’s right to the spoils.

Even after collecting something nice, Xia Zhi didn’t stop. Instead, he started looking for something in the vicinity. Lian Hua felt that something was strange. After a while, he finally remembered that Pig Leg was probably looking for the monster’s lair. If they raided this monster’s lair, after swallowed countless living things, there should be lots of goodies there.

Indeed, not long after, Xia Zhi found a cave. Lian Hua came closer to take a look and ate another energy mushroom. He used wood energy to cure himself, and reluctantly followed behind Xia Zhi.

“Brother Zhi, let me heal your wounds!” Lian Hua looked at the blood marks on Xia Zhi’s face and felt that they were an eyesore.

“Mm…” Xia Zhi nodded.

Lian Hua immediately condensed a small ball of water, supplemented it with wood energy, and cleaned the open wound for Xia Zhi. He discovered that when he combined these two abilities with each other, the results were phenomenal. In just a short while, the wound was nowhere to be seen, and Xia Zhi could wash his face while he was at it. At this time, they finally entered that cave.

That tree was putrid enough to kill someone. Who would expect that its lair would be so unexpectedly neat and tidy? There were even some fragrant plants.

“Brother Zhi, just what was that thing?” Lian Hua was full of curiosity and finally couldn’t stop himself from asking.

“It was probably a mutated ivy plant. The more blood it drank, the longer and larger it became. It also became greedier by the day. It probably wiped out everyone in town. It purposefully left the supplies in town in order to lure passing travelers into this area. Once they rested and started looking for supplies, it would eat them. Furthermore, if it couldn’t eat them all, it would barricade them inside and use illusions to mesmerize them, keeping them inside, so that it could take its time eating.” Xia Zhi explicitly told Lian Hua everything.

Lian Hua thought back to the illusion of his family and felt a bit disappointed, but he shut his mouth and said nothing.

Xia Zhi gave Lian Hua a sidelong glance. “This type of thing knows how to influence people’s hearts. The illusion that a person sees is their deepest wish.”

Lian Hua : “…”

He remembered the illusion of Xia Zhi. Deep in his heart, did he want to be with Xia Zhi?

Alright, he finally admitted it. Your Bro Lian likes Xia Zhi! Likes Pig Leg!

The cannon fodder fell in love with the godly male lead.

Likes the person who wanted to abuse him to death!

This was a tragic tale! 〒_〒

Translator’s Notes:

[1]Back in chapter 8, Pig Leg had large hands. Don’t ask me why his features are suddenly small. Probably because the author forgot which one was the uke.

[2]This was in Engrish.

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Greatest anime betrayals: Lian Hua gives up his love of chicken for pig leg.

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