White Lotus Chapter 16: Another Cannon Fodder

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“Hey, Little Lotus, how did you wither?” Xia Xingwen was always heartless, hugging Lian Hua’s shoulder and teasing. Why isn’t he calling him young master Bai? His true nature as an unscrupulous fake elite who liked to step on other people’s wounds was exposed now.

Lian Hua threw his words to the back of his head, ignored him, and continued to hug his knees and look at the sky at a 45 degree angle. Siiigh this world really had no love.

“Little Lotus, yo yo yo, why do you look like you’re holding a grudge, did you just get dumped?” Xia Xingwen changed his direction and continued blocking Lian Hua.

Hmph, it wasn’t that different, but your brother doesn’t want to care about you. He continued turning his head to face somewhere else.

“No need to be so heartless! Come, come, come, tell big brother.” Xia Xingwen still wouldn’t give up.

Continuing to be ignored, Xia Xingwen redoubled his efforts. Lian Hua only felt like there was a fly buzzing in his ear. He really wanted to kill it! He could strike but how could he damage? Xia Xingwu, come drag away your family’s annoying lover.

“Ah Wen*…” A seductive voice rang out, Lian Hua instantly froze. Someone save it, my glass heart.

*Ah here is an affectionate prefix, Wen is from Xia Xingwen’s name.

“B-Boss! Your orders.” Xia Xingwen jumped up three feet, immediately bowing and scraping, awaiting the imperial edict.

“Have you completed your objective today?” Xia Zhi’s voice was a bit cold.

“I-I’ll do it right away!” As soon as he finished speaking, there wasn’t even a shadow left.

Lian Hua “…”

Big brother, why are you leaving? Your brother doesn’t want to be alone with Pig Leg! Lian Hua raised a hand in his heart[1]. Come back! My shield…

In reality, one day had passed since Pig Leg saved Lian Hua and they returned to the villa. Lian Hua decided that his glass heart had received a huge blow. He sat quietly in a corner of the living room on the first floor for an entire day. The person who liked to eat the most didn’t eat for a whole day! This was a really shocking story. Aunt Li even thought that Lian Hua was experiencing physical and mental trauma, but didn’t know the reason.

“I heard you didn’t eat for a whole day.” Xia Zhi seemed like he was casually chatting with others. Lian Hua shook his head.

“You didn’t even eat chicken legs.” Xia Zhi continued speaking. Lian Hua shook his head again, he had an unknown foreboding feeling. Pig Leg was a busy man, he didn’t need to worry about this moldy cannon fodder in the corner.

“It’s better to eat mushrooms. It’s good grilled or in soup.”

Lian Hua thoroughly knelt in worship, secretly glancing at Pig Leg. The image of his small wife was quickly fading! He quickly turned away and didn’t dare to keep looking.

“It’s still green, very healthy.”

Green? Healthy? It’s not what he thinks is it?!

“Master, it’s exactly what you think, save me! This beauty is terrifying, he wants to grill and eat me! Save me aaaa… You can’t throw away a mushroom, hurry up and save meeeee! Sob sob sob…”

Lian Hua “…”

He really didn’t think wrong. Following Pig Leg’s arm, sure enough, in the snowy white fingertips, there was a mushroom playing dead.

“I am an ordinary mushroom, I’m green, I’m not tasty at all! I…” The mushroom kept nagging nonstop, Lian Hua heard the whole thing.

Lian Hua “…”

The human wants to eat your talent regardless if you’re green or white.

Pig Leg waved his hands, Lian Hua obviously saw Lian Yu trembling.

Save me, ah! Who will save me? Master is too useless, I’m going to be eaten.

Lian Hua “…”

Your brother can hear everything!

“Brother Zhi! This mushroom is so cute! Give it to this one, alright?” He dragged the corner of Pig Leg’s sleeve and shook shook.

The corner of Xia Zhi’s lips curled upwards, seriously considering, “It looks delicious, shall we grill it?”

Lian Hua “…”

Lian Yu “…” QAQ A fierce beauty, help…

“Brother Zhi, give it to me, give it to me…” Ignore the proposal to grill, continue to shake the sleeve.

Xia Zhi casually flung Lian Yu and Lian Hua rushed to catch it. “Go out and eat. If you don’t want to eat, then don’t eat any more in the future.” Pig Leg turned around and disappeared like a badass[2].

Lian Hua “…”

He just temporarily had no appetite, it’s not like he never wanted to eat again! He immediately chased after Pig Leg.

The abandoned Lian Yu “…”

Luckily, this old man occupied the front pocket, following the master shouldn’t be a problem?

“Brother Xia, come eat! I made my specialty, honey chicken legs!” A lively cute girl’s voice sounded, surprising Lian Hua. Fuck, this was the time when Pig Leg had a female comrade? Fuck, and she even knew how to make honey chicken legs, eh? Your brother’s favorite! Lian Hua was excited. Xia Zhi raised an eyebrow and gave Lian Hua a look.

The owner of that voice also discovered Lian Hua and was apparently shocked. However, they soon calmly recovered.

“Hello! I’m Jiang Siyu[3], a water esper, currently part of Brother Zhi’s support troops.” Jiand Siyu gracefully introduced herself, as if she apparently never met Lian Hua before. However, your brother isn’t part of Pig Leg’s troops, he’s just here to hug thighs.

Wait, wait… Jiang Siyu? ⊙▽⊙ Lian Hua was stunned at the name. Wasn’t Jiang Siyu one of a pair of classic vicious female beauty cannon fodder sisters who sold their bodies often found in apocalyptic rebirth literature?

In order to attract readers, apocalyptic literature always had one or two vicious women with long faces and no brains that wanted to harm the female lead/male lead/the male lead’s man, but always fail, being reduced to one man, two men, three men, n men’s plaything before finally dying a desolate, miserable death. It was a simple method to hook the readers, and one that needed no responsibility! In the end, they were simply wrote off as dead.

As someone who was also originally a cannon fodder, Lian Hua sympathetically looked over. Jiang Siyu received an inexplicable gaze.

“He was adopted by the Bai family, Bai Lianhua. Right now in our troops, he’s freeloading.” Lian Hua just intended to speak, but Pig Leg helped him.

Lian Hua “…”

So it was freeloading!

As soon as Jiang Siyu heard that, her face immediately revealing contempt, even ferociously glaring at Lian Hua, her expression obviously one of disgust and surprise.

“Why is he here?” Jiang Siyu’s voice became sharp, as if Lian Hua raped her!

Lian Hua “…”

Why does it matter if your brother is here? It’s none of your business? Lian Hua originally decided to show her a bit of goodwill because they were both cannon fodders, but right now, Lian Hua decided to hate her.

Xia Zhi looked very strangely at her, Lian Hua’s face also wasn’t good. Jiang Siyu immediately recognized her own mistakes. She softened her voice and said, “Brother Xia, I’m not questioning you, but this person is from the Bai family. Be wary of him plotting against you.”

“Hm…” Xia Zhi didn’t take it to heart. Just slapping this weak chicken could kill it, the one who should worry was not him.

Lian Hua “…” Your brother didn’t do anything! As expected, the more beautiful a person, the more evil.

Xia Zhi looked meaningfully at Jiang Siyu who was at a loss, “Don’t worry about things you shouldn’t worry about.” Then he left.

Jiang Siyu breathed out a sigh of relief and glared at Lian Hua, then ran away following Xia Zhi.

Lian Hua “…”

Who did he provoke? This group of crazies! However, the female cannon fodder made honey chicken leg. Seeing the chicken legs, Lian Hua decided to magnanimously forgive her.

At the dinner table, Lian Hua realized that without his notice, Pig Leg’s comrades had increased. They seemed to all be people loyal to Pig Leg before he was reborn. As for those who betrayed him, Lian Hua could only laugh. Your brother only survived until now so that Pig Leg can abuse him to death last! Thinking about it made his heart break, Lian Hua burst into tears. Mommy, your son’s life isn’t guaranteed, now’s not the time to worry about your daughter-in-law.

Basically, Pig Leg’s comrades all knew Lian Hua and weren’t surprised by his sudden appearance. Only Jiang Siyu angrily glared at Lian Hua, because Lian Hua ate most of the chicken legs she specifically made for Xia Zhi. Right now there were blackouts and water shortages in the city! In order to make that chicken, she had to spend so much time and effort, and it was all ruined by Lian Hua!

She clearly heard that the strongest esper Xia Zhi loved to eat honey chicken leg most! How come from start to finish, he only looked expressionlessly at it, but excitedly gave Bai Lianhua several pieces?

That’s right, our girl Jiang Siyu is also one of the reborn.

Jiang Siyu’s heart was full of indignation, her nails almost punctured her skin. In her past life, her beloved sister betrayed her, turning her into a man’s sex toy, tossed one after another, lying naked under several men, unbearably dirty, finally giving up her life! In this life, those who bully her, those who betrayed her, she would pay it all back with interest.

Her objective was China’s strongest esper from her previous life, Xia Zhi. She spared no expense to come to S City in the middle of the apocalypse in order to reach him early on and join his team. She had her memories of her past life, so she had plenty of information on the strongest esper. She could rely on this information to establish a firm foothold.

She waited for a few days in the vicinity of the S City Downtown Hospital and they actually arrived. She wore casual clothing and acted as if she coincidentally ran into them, then started to help out. Although she was a water esper, after many years of life in the apocalypse, she was no longer an average person. Later, just as she thought, she made smooth contact, and joined Xia Zhi’s squad. However, she never imagined that rumors really were very unreliable.

Xia Zhi’s secretary alone was very difficult. Ask him anything and he would act mysterious, not revealing even a little detail, really quite the slippery fellow. And that bodyguard was more like a shadow. He wouldn’t even fart if you beat him with a stick, he was just like a block of wood. Even the cook, Aunt Li, an ordinary person, dared to disregard her words, even giving her a dirty look! “Do not inquire about the master’s affairs.” She even remembered that when she went to inquire about Xia Zhi’s lover, this was the reply, how infuriating! Then there was this young master Bai. In her past life, she only knew that the Bai family that was miserably oppressed by Xia Zhi, there was no information about this person. He was just some nameless pawn, one day he will definitely be taught a lesson by Xia Zhi.

These people should just wait and see! Wait until she had Xia Zhi in her hands, then she would have her revenge. They were just a group of servants, when she became the female boss, she could easily whip them into shape in just a minute. Although she had heard before that Xia Zhi had a secret lover, they never appeared in front of other people. Who knew if it was true or false? It could just be someone’s rumors. Jiang Siyu was overflowing with confidence, she was a great beauty with the skills to please men. As long as they were a man, they all had to kneel beneath her skirts.

The author has something to say:

Except this is worded very confusing. Let me summarize:

Jiang Siyu’s backstory is a little complicated.

A. Original!White Lotus steals Bai Yi and kills Pig Leg. (original in-universe novel timeline)

B. Original!White Lotus and co. are killed by a reborn Pig Leg. (part two in-universe novel timeline, branches off of timeline A)

C. Idiot!Lotus is kept as Pig Leg’s pet. (Current timeline, branches off of timeline A)

Jiang Siyu, the younger sister, is from timeline B. She wants to hug Pig Leg’s thighs.

Jiang Siya[4], the older sister, is from timeline A. She wants to hug Bai Yi’s thighs.

Pig Leg is from timeline A. Lian Hua is Lian Hua, he transmigrated to timeline C. ❤

From now on, all the cannon fodders, including Lian Hua, will try their best to battle their wits and hug their respective thighs.

I bet you guys thought this story was all fun and games… It’s actually serious when it wants to be.

PS: The scum author got dizzy on the train. 〒_〒 The signal was bad, making work hard.

Translation Notes:


[1]尔康手Er Kang’s hand. This meme was named after the character Er Kang from the drama series My Fair Princess. You may have seen it before:


[2]霸气侧漏 Domineering side leakage… This is also a meme you may have heard of before. Xia Zhi is so badass that even pads can’t stop his aura from overflowing.

[3]Jiang, thought, rain. A very fitting name. I don’t know for sure if her last name has a meaning. Jisho says reed, but jisho is Japanese. It also seems to mean belief.

[4]Jiang, thought, elegant. Also a fitting name.

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Translator’s Notes:

Xia Zhi you tsun. How did the new recruits not notice the cutie Lian Hua in the corner? He was sitting in the living room, not his own room… And *z snaps*, gurl, Jiang Siyu, get yer shit together, this is a BL multiverse, lol how could you not tell in your past life?

This one’s Internet has been spotty lately. ;3; I gotta translate a chapter of ROLYA real quick, it’s been a while since I updated that LOL;;;

See, I get super motivated to translate, but when I actually sit down to do it, it’s time to go tutor another family’s loli, or go discipline my family’s loli. Ugh… The schedule’s been really weird lately T^T

I need a “real” job, but I just want to sit at home and translate/write/read/draw BL, hu hu hu… >: Too bad I can’t live off of this… If I could live off this, whoo boy, I’d churn chapters out so fast;;; Does anyone remember that time when I released like one chapter a day and almost blacked out? Hahaha……

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  1. Whoot! Thanks for chapter ❤
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    1. She’ll probably get Xia Xingmen instead as her unexpected thigh that comes with obvious trouble. He can’t read the atmosphere and Jiang Siyu paired up with him. Xia Xingmen is consider a annoying lady,Jiang Siyu consider as a dude punches him all the time to get with the atmosphere. Xia Xingmen bites off more then he can chew with bugging people with Jiang Siyu’s water power for escaping comes with wet clothes.


  2. This chapter has more of that good LianWen content!!!! Oh my goodness, Let👏 Them👏 Be👏 Friends👏 I think it’s cute how Xia Xingwen teases Lian Hua, like the kind of playful teasing you’d use with someone you’ve known for a long time. “Hey, what got your panties in a twist? Was it Guy~? Oh my god, it Was a guy after all, no way! What happened?! You’ve got to tell me the Whole Story” X’D too bad Wenwen can’t read the atmosphere, eh?

    That’s not the only thing that had me screaming… Aaaaa Pig Leg upped his game!!! He’s actively looking after and interacting with LH 💕 Gosh, it’s so freaking Adorable!!! You can tell LH has a place in his heart now~ Xia Zhi knows his boy’s favorite thing to eat and even gets someone to prepare it so LH will get over his cloudy mood, precious, so very precious!

    But also!! I was thrown for a loop by one part here… Xia Zhi seems to know about the mushroom since he’s teasing LH about it. At first, I dismissed it, chalking it up to past life memory. But!!! Lian Yu came from a geode, right? Bai Lian Hua wouldn’t necessarily have had an interest in jade/ his inheritance this early in the apocalypse as he would be busy handling his cousin& gathering supplies. BLH might not have owned it in that timeline. So then I thought- yeah, it’s totally possible for Pig Leg to have owned the jade mushroom-especially since he can see inside geodes 👀 And then I thought about the implications of Xia Zhi and LH possibly sharing the same phallic object albeit in different time lines… Well, the train of thought didn’t end there, but it was no longer semi-coherent theorizing;;; I got distracted by thoughts of them ‘sharing’ the phallic object in the current time line 😂 LHxPLxLY is the new OT3

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