White Lotus Chapter 10: Ability

Equipment, check. Lian Hua started to investigate his powers. Was it possible to live without an ability? This was a serious question.

Lian Hua began struggling to recall how Pig Leg trained. Right, first he should sit with his legs crossed.

After waking up, Lian Hua discovered that his body was much better than before. Even with a month of exercise, he could not improve much. The original white lotus was really weak. He really didn’t know how Bai Lianhua could roll around in the sheets with his cheap cousin. Wouldn’t he would faint halfway through? Lian Hua was evil.

Cough, cough, cough! Lian Hua swept out all of the strange ideas in his head. He closed his eyes and began to use effort to feel the so-called “energy”[1]. That’s what Pig Leg did anyway.

After who knows how long, when Lian Hua legs started feeling numb, he felt that there were two intertwined masses of energy in his abdomen, one blue and one green, that were only the size of a grain of rice. This was probably his dantian[2], the seed of the ability.

In according with his instincts, he sucked out some of the blue energy, guiding it along his arm. A small drop of water the side of a pea appeared at his fingertips.

Lian hua was excited. The drop of water immediately rolled down from his fingertips and he rushed to catch it. Be obedient, this is the first thing he ever made, it must not be wasted! Lian Hua opened his mouth, lifted his hand, and threw the water droplet in his mouth with a plop. He smacked his lips, very sweet. = ̄ω ̄= His family’s water[3] was very delicious.

He took out a white cabbage seed, held it in the palm of his hand, and sucked out the green energy. Lian Hua began to feel a thin life force shining with a green light from the seed in his hand. This is the power of a wood esper? Lian transferred the green energy into the seed, the green energy and the seed’s original energy intertwined in one place. It grew obviously, and soon a soft layer broke out from the shell of the seed, displaying a delicate bud. Lian Hua emotionally increased his output and the bud quickly grew a new leaf. When three leaves had sprouted, Lian Hua couldn’t stand it anymore.

Big drops of sweat followed the curve of his forehead and rolled down. His body didn’t have power any more. Lian Hua couldn’t even sit, crashing into the bed with a bang…

Lian Hua’s head was covered in black lines. -_-/// Fudge, just a drop of water and a cabbage seedling. He was going to die early, he couldn’t take it! Where was the water ball and the huge cabbage? Lian Hua breathed heavily, this ability was too useless. How could Pig Leg and his companions throw out all sorts of skills as soon as they awakened their powers, while his ability was just the size of a pea(g)[4]? Lian Hua felt that his future was not very bright. T^T

Lian Hua was exhausted, he simply closed his eyes and went to sleep. It was said that abilities would recover faster this way. Lian Hua could feel the energy in the surrounding atmosphere entering his body. Could this be “spiritual energy[5]”? Fuck, was the setting Western fantasy or Eastern cultivation? Don’t change styles so fast. Wasn’t Pig Leg a cultivator?

Lian Hua did not sleep for very long before he was awakened by a loud noise. He discovered that his body was refreshed and his ability had fully recovered. He was immensely satisfied. He was indeed an esper, this was so much better than the original body.

Lian Hua peeked out of a crack in the window. Early on, Pig Leg strengthened and sealed all the windows and doors in the villa, so Lian Hua’s view was limited.

Outside, the sky was already bright. Ambulances and police vehicles shuttled back and forth. This villa was located in an area with famous people. Whenever anything happened, this place had the first priority.

Lian Hua saw the doctors and nurses carry out a person drenched in blood, not knowing if that person was alive or dead. The police took away several people who were suspected of going crazy. From this position, Lian Hua could see those people’s ferocious expressions, the whites of their eyes and their skin turned black, and blood dribbled down from the corner of their lips. Although they were still struggling and wanted to bite people, you could see that these “people” were covered in the aura of death. They had no vitality and were probably zombies.

Lian Hua felt his body grow cold. Although he knew that this was the world of an apocalyptic novel, when he saw a zombie with his own eyes, he couldn’t help but feel horror and despairー people turned into this kind of monster. Lian Hua covered his eyes, afraid to look again. He wrapped himself in the quilt, but suddenly there was a scream outside the window, the sound of angry cursing, and all sorts of roars and hisses far away from him…

On the fourth day of the first year of the New Era, people began to wake up from their comas. A small number of people became “the chosen ones”, with magical powers; most people’s bodies improved, but they still belonged to the category of “ordinary people”; the majority of people became tireless zombies chasing after flesh and blood…

Lian Hua lazed around for some time before realizing that everything was quiet. When he stood up to look, he saw that the ambulances and police cars were gone and the streets were desolate. There wasn’t a single living person outside, but there were a few stumbling zombies wandering around, foraging for food. Lian Hua’s stomach churned, he found that he was hungry again. Espers used up energy at an unnatural pace.

Lian Hua patted his face, enough time had passed. He wouldn’t allow himself to be weak. He had to live no matter what.

Lian Hua sneakily left his room and found everyone sitting with serious faces in the living room. Pig Leg probably just explained to everyone about the apocalypse.

As soon as Lian Hua went out, everyone stared at him, making him feel like his head was about to explode. He bit the bullet and went in front of Pig Leg, squatted, and hugged Pig Leg’s thighs, weeping in shock and fear:

“Brother Chi, it’s so scary outside. Sob, sob, sob, I saw people eating human flesh. So terrible. I wanna go home.”

Lian Hua’s tone was frightened, tears streaked across his face, mainly because he really was a bit scared.

Xia Zhi’s face grimaced, he really couldn’t stand Lian Hua’s dirty look. He used effort to peel off Lian Hua’s fingers and pushed him away, but Lian Hua quickly grabbed his trousers again. Xia Zhi was silent…

“Don’t worry, I’ll take care of you.”

The words “take care” came with the sound of teeth gnashing. Lian Hua lowered his head and the corner of his mouth twitched up. Pig Leg was so stingy. However, Lian Hua also knew that he couldn’t die right now, Pig Leg still had to slowly abuse him to death.

Xia Zhi signaled to Xia Xingwen. Xia Xingwen immediately walked over, pulled Lian Hua from Xia Zhi’s trousers onto his feet, and pressed Lian Hua into the side of the sofa.

“Calm down, the boss said he will take care of you, so he will take good care of you. You don’t need to worry.” After speaking, he even rubbed Lian Hua’s puppy dog head[6], his actions full of love. Of course, that was if you ignored the strength that could tear off a layer of skin. Lian Hua believed that he could be more convincing.

“Mm, I understand, secretary Xia.” Lian Hua saved himself from Xia Xingwen’s dog claws, displaying a grateful face on the verge of tears.


Lian Hua “…”

“People* are hungry!”

*He’s trying to be cute by talking in third person.

After speaking, he looked at Xia Zhi with expectations, his eyes shining. Where did the tears just now go? In Lian Hua’s eyes, one could read “didn’t you say you wanted to take care of me?”

The corner of Xia Zhi’s lips twitched. He didn’t understand why he was suddenly able to read the meaning in Lian Hua’s eyes.

“Aunt Li, take him to the kitchen and give him something to eat.”

“Yes, young master.”

Soon, Aunt Li took Lian Hua away. As expected of the Xia clan’s long time servant, she calmed down quickly. Lian Hua was full of admiration.

Under Lian Hua’s expectant gaze, Aunt Li made egg fried rice, added a big slice of ham, and gave him a glass of milk.

Lian Hua used a gaze full of respect to look at Aunt Li as he ate. How could it be so delicious? As a single man, how could he have such high level cooking skills? Maybe he should take up cooking on the side. In fact, his specialty was making instant noodles. -_-///

In the future, Aunt Li was the leader of Pig Leg’s support team, he must establish a good impression. Who let Aunt Li like children the most! Pig Leg’s comrades were all adults. Learning to use this tender face was pretty smart, Lian Hua wouldn’t admit that he was being cheeky.

“Aunt Li, your food is so delicious!” Look at the worship in my little eyes, Lian Hua shouted in his heart.

“If you like it, eat a little more.” Aunt Li smiled. This brat was so adorable. Young master has grown up, he doesn’t act spoiled. She removed the packaging from a vacuum sealed chicken leg and gave it to Lian Hua.

Lian Hua cast the worship skill with this all his might. Auntie, you’re the best. Lian Hua spewed a bunch of sweet words, coaxing Aunt Li to smile widely and give him a sausage. No need to be so generous!

“Boss, you really want to keep young master Bai by your side?” Xia Xingwen hesitated. He didn’t approve of young master Bai.

Xia Zhi sat on the sofa and closed his eyes. He didn’t answer and no one knew what he was thinking in the end.

“The boss has decided, we just need to follow orders.” Xia Xingwu put a hand on Xia Xingwen’s shoulder, also wearing an unsatisfied expression.

“Don’t touch me”. Xia Xingwen slapped the other man’s hand. He frowned and turned to Xia Zhi.


“Let’s settle it like that for now, we’ll figure it out later.” Xia Zhi opened his mouth.

“The most pressing issue is collecting materials. Everyone has to train their powers.”

“Of course!” Xia Xingwen spoke triumphantly. He waved his arm and a thorn made of earth appeared in his hand. He threw the thorn, smashing a hole on the wall.

Xia Xingwen looked at Xia Xingwu provokingly. Xia Xingwu pursed his lips, his simple and honest face became serious. He faced an empty chair made of alloy and used strength to pinch it. The chair slowly warped, finally transforming into a ball.

Xia Xingwu looked invitingly at Xia Xingwen. Xia Xingwen grunted, turned and hid in a corner of the room, silently practicing. Xia Xingwu’s face sank, like a big dog that was abandoned.

Xia Zhi looked at the two fools, speechless.


One of the two men wearing shades hesitatingly opened his mouth. Xia Yi[7] and Xia Er[7] were bodyguards that the Xia clan trained for Xia Zhi. They didn’t talk much, but they were loyal. They always silently followed Xia Zhi. Right now, in the face of the apocalypse, they hadn’t awakened any supernatural abilities, so they felt disturbed.

Xia Zhi looked at the two of them and thought. Out of thin air, two glasses of water suddenly appeared.

Seeing their master pull things out of nowhere, they weren’t too surprised. The boss already said that he had awakened power over space[8].

Xia Yi and Xia Er each drank a cup of water and immediately felt a stream of energy rush into their bodies. They were pleasantly surprised, the water was high quality goods.

“Go digest it.”

The two men obeyed the order and left.

Xia Zhi let them drink the spiritual water after careful consideration. In the last life, in order to save him, they were ripped apart by zombies, their loyalty wasn’t questionable. As for Bai Lianhua, well… Xia Zhi’s eyes swept over the kitchen, watching Lian Hua’s stupid flattering. The corner of Xia Zhi’s lips curled up. Lian Hua was jumping around like a clown. Xia Zhi thought that the current Lian Hua was very interesting, he should keep the other person first. One day, when he gets bored, he could still kill them with one hand!

Lian Hua didn’t know that he was wandering between life and death. He instantly felt a burst of cold. Who had ill will towards him? Lian Hua shivered a bit, broke out in goosebumps, and then continued eating.

The author has something to say:
The manuscript is very hungry, and the author is going to feed it! Paw print ball, ball collection. = ¯ω¯ =

Translator’s Notes:

[1]气Qi, Ki, air, vital energy, internal energy, etc. I like to use the term “inner force”, because that’s what I grew up with, but this is not a Star Wars reference.

[2]As mentioned in chapter 4, the dantian is like the source of all your power.

[3]It said milk for some reason, but my mind goes some place rotten…

[4]珠means bead, 猪 means pig. Both are pronounced zhū. I used an appropriate pun using homophones.

[5]灵气 is specifically used here. This is spiritual energy and it’s used almost exclusively in cultivation novels. As I understand it, the Qi in note 1 is Lian Hua’s ability’s energy. This power comes from within and grows with practice. Spiritual energy comes from the atmosphere and accumulates over time (as the practitioner “cultivates” their powers).

[6]Calling someone a dog is always an insult. But in this case, it’s sarcastic, so I added the puppy to get the feeling of “puppy dog eyes”.

[7]Their names are literally Xia 1 and Xia 2… =_=

[8]I’ve checked quite a few times, but remember in chapter 4 when they said Xia Zhi had double powers over lightning and spirit? Yeaaa that never comes up again. His space is considered one of his powers even though it’s part of an artifact. Maybe it was a typo. Maybe it referred to his cultivation. We may never know…ㄟ( ▔∀▔ )ㄏ

Visit mirrortranslationsblog.wordpress.com to see some fan art. I’ll draw a more detailed picture of Xia Xingwen someday, but he kind of looks like a generic butler secretary to me. For some reason I imagine him blond though lol

White Lotus Chapter 10 doodles


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  1. Xia Zhi should cave in and give Lian Hua two cups of spiritual water at once. How about chitchat with Grace from volarenovels for some thoughts about the puns.


  2. Yaaay! An update! I can see that the Xia family’s new pet (LH) is settling in just fine, lol. Way to go, Lian Hua! Make friends with Aunty~ If Xia Zhi ‘forgets’ to feed you, at least she won’t turn a blind eye to such an energetic cutie!

    Also, am I the only one who giggled at LH’s description of fried rice as “high level cooking skills”? Maybe it’s just my weirdness, but whenever I don’t feel like actually cooking, I just dump together left overs to make fried rice since it’s quick and easy. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had (and oddly enough, enjoyed) hotdog fried rice. And just by me saying the phrase ‘hotdog fried rice’ I’m sure you can hazard a guess at just how “skilled” I am at cooking XD

    Xia Xingwen: materializes a sharp weapon from thin air
    Xia Xingwu: Crushes metal with his raw strength
    Xia Zhi: Summons 2 glasses of potent spiritual water to aid others in getting stronger
    Lian Hua: …eventually causes a single drop of water to emerge from his finger tip. Then two streams roll down his cheeks at the thought of his own inferiority T^T

    If only he had something to help give him a boost, eh >u>

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  3. Thanks for the chapter.

    Rofl, so pig leg has a magic space, lighting power, and he can tame/control beasts? As expected of a protagonist, he has great cheat skills! MC has… water droplets and growing greenery powers? Water is weak to lightning, lol!


      1. Uh, you said “I’ve checked quite a few times, but remember in chapter 4 when they said Xia Zhi had double powers over lightning and spirit?” Power over spirits normally translates to power of various summons or beasts, lol. Just my thoughts. CN novels are full of that.


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